Fairy tales of Himalayas

Annapurna Area

Annapurna Area is the most magnificent holiday destination in Nepal. Annapurna area has a plethora of destinations. where one can do varieties of activities. Annapurna region hosts adventure, cultural, rural, and private tour activities.

Trekking in the region never fails to please the walker's thirst. This region is busy with wilderness adventure. Explore snowcapped mountains, multiethnic villages, and green lush forests. The area is a perfect choice with a varied landscape and mystic thrill.

Yolo Hike presents both short and long trekking routes in the Annapurna area. One can customize the walking holiday according to their wishes. Our Travel planners knitted amazing itineraries with experience and traveler's quest.

These travel plans can quench one's hunger for a marvelous trekking holiday. Find the perfect itinerary underneath or customize it, if you have your plan.

Diverse Annapurna Trail