Travel with Confidence

Company Profile

Yolo Hike distinguishes itself from the rest of the trekking agencies of Nepal. We stand on a strong foundation academically and operationally. There are thousands of travel agencies in Nepal. However, there are very few outstanding companies. The team of academically qualified and having more than a decade of experience in the field of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan Travel make the agency stand out from others. 

We know that holidaying is not a cheap activity. It is sumptuous in nature. Therefore, every team member of Yolo Hike functions to give back the value of every penny spent by our clients. 

What makes us different?

An ideal holiday means hassle-free travel at affordable prices. Clients should be able to create a momentous tale without feeling remorse. Yes, Yolo Hike strives to provide services beyond expectations with impeccable hospitality. 

Try us and feel the difference yourself!

Our Zealot Team

Yolo Hike is not merely a travel agency. It is a family. We employ people with experience, passion, and knowledge of hospitality. Every member of Yolo Hike knows that every client does holiday activities to discover themselves and new places. Our guides, travel planners, and support crew members not only manage your logistics and guide you on a trail but also enlighten you with the history, culture, and nature of the places that you visit. 

We have a unique blend of youth and experience. Academic graduates to veterans from a different ethnic background of Nepalese society make our team diverse and resourceful. Zeal and willingness to serve are the primary working principles of every team member of Yolo Hike. 

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Yolo Hike works closely with the people of tourist destinations. We always encourage our tour/trek crew members to use the local resources as far as possible. Moreover, most of our porters/guides are from the host region. This helps us to create a strong connection with the locals. It is the best essence to establish sustainable tourism. We believe that if we work towards the preservation of local culture and nature eventually these things increase the longevity of this industry. Every year we spend some percentage of our income on charity. 

Travel Success

Travel success is directly related to proper travel management. Nepal is a country with a varied landscape. From 60 m to 8848 m Nepal is stretched. Therefore, hindrances of force majeure are bound to happen. Even considering everything Yolo Hike boasts a whopping 98% success rate. Some unsuccessful travels are during Peaks and Mountains expeditions. 

Our guides always make you aware of the climatic change, altitude change, and geographical status of the host places. They prepare you during your tour in order to adjust you to the destination. This helps you to finish the travel safely and soundly. 

Experience & Knowledge

Our travel planners are highly experienced. In order to prepare the best travel itineraries you need to operate for years. You must be very much familiar with contemporary issues as well as past trends. 

Over a decade of experience in the field of Nepal Travel has given us an immense asset in the trip management department. We know how to manage your holiday without any hassles and exceed your expectations. Moreover, the new batch of team members is all Travel Management Graduates. 

In terms of the Experience and Knowledge department, Yolo Hike is a perfect amalgamation of Academically Qualified Youth and Experienced Old Guards. 

Customizable & Flexible Travel Plans

All our travel itineraries are prepared by highly experienced team members. These itineraries are also fresh and updated according to the situation of the host destination. However, we are always open to catering to your demands. You can customize any trip according to your requirements. 

We suggest that don't deviate from your original plan. Unlike lots of travel agencies based in Nepal, we are open to having client interaction. In fact, our travel planners are available 24/7 at your service. 

Research & Development

We continuously research either in making effective itineraries or in improving our service. Every month our trekking guides attend HOSPITALITY TRAINING, Management Workshops, and Language training. 

During OFF SEASON we send our guides on trips to various destinations. This helps them to understand the core values of the destination's nature and culture. It builds confidence in our staff. Moreover, our clients will get the best well-practiced services. 

We don't sell travel packages rather we help you knit a beautiful and momentous travel tale that is worthy to be shared for generations to come.