Nepal is home to over 19000 snowcapped mountains. From the doorstep of almost every teahouse in the trekking region of Nepal, one can get mountain vistas. Therefore, Nepal is home to all mountaineering wilderness adventures. Peak Climbing along with expedition and trekking are the major Himalayan activities to do in Nepal. There are numerous peaks where one climbs and leaves their footprints at the top. However, very few mountains are possible for climbing. Lobuche, Island, and Mera Peaks are the most famous mountains to climb in Nepal. 

Apart from these three mountain peaks, there are other mountains which one can do climbing. If you want to climb other mountains then contact our team of climbing experts and travel planners. For detailed information about these three peaks; please surf through the peak climbing category. Here are some of the highlights of these three mountain peaks of the Everest region of Nepal. 

Island Peak & Lobuche Peak

Imja Tse Peak is another name for Island Peak. It is in the Khumbu region in Chhukung Valley north of Dingboche village. The peak is considered the climbing practice peak before the expedition (climbing mountains above 7000 m height). Lobuche Peak is on the Everest Base Camp Trek trail between Dingboche Valley and Thukla Pass. 

These two mountains are neighbors. In comparison to Island Peak, the Lobuche is technical and difficult. Therefore, the number of climbers on Island Peak is higher than in Lobuche. 

Mera Peak 

This is the most unique climbing peak. The possibility of ice skiing makes it the most interesting. As compared to the other two mountain peaks this one is comfortable to climb. However, there are numerous crevasses where climbers need guidance from the climbing guide. If you are a ski lover then Mera is the best destination. 

There are plenty of mountains to climb in Nepal. Choose your liking and counsel with our climbing experts. We will knit the safe and interesting climbing itinerary. The best way to climb the mountain top is to have the best climbing support crew members. We assure experienced Sherpa and climbing crew members for any kind of Peak Climbing in Nepal.