Langtang Area is nearby Kathmandu Valley. It is not far from the city but it is mystical and mythical. The area has every bit of attraction which helps to make it the most spectacular walking locale in Nepal. Yolo Hike presents short and long trekking trips in the area. There are numerous activities that one can do in the region. If you are looking for a walking adventure and for some charitable volunteering work the area suits you well. 

Plan your trip to Nepal, especially in the Langtang Region. We assure you that you will be mesmerized by the area's sheer beauty. It is full of lush green forests, mountains, and Tamang villages. The region is the perfect example of great religious harmony prevalent in Nepal for ages. There are numerous places in the area for both people (Hindus & Buddhists). Lakes, Rivers, Mountains, Monasteries, Forests, Villages, and High Passes make the area a must-visit destination in Nepal.