Yolo Hike is a Nepal-based travel agency that offers hassle-free travel to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Mount Kailash. Please read all terms and conditions. By reading this you agree to all terms and conditions of Yolo Hike. If you have any queries or issues regarding our terms and conditions, feel very free to contact us.

We must ask you questions throughout the trip booking process in order to collect the essential information from you in order to secure permits and plan your trip. We shall not use or disclose any of the private or personal information you provide to us at any other time or for any other reason. We do not spam.

Booking with Yolo Hike

Yolo Hike offers you a bunch of travel destination which has different aspects in climate conditions, natural inheritance, country and its culture, and many more. You must pay 10% of the total trip cost non-refundable when making your reservation. In Tibet and Bhutan, you must pay in full with a copy of your passport, which is required to reserve accommodations, trekking paperwork, and domestic transportation. The remaining payment should be made when you arrive in Nepal (before the trip departure). Visit our payment methods section for more information.

Please note that "No Refunds" of any trekking and tour costs will be given to clients who drop out of the journey in their own interest of quitting any trip willingly once it has officially begun, regardless of any internal or external basis. In addition, no refunds will be given for any hotel, transportation, sightseeing, meals, or services that are not used by guests on this program.

Booking at the last moment

If you need to make a last-minute reservation, we can arrange for you for any tour in Nepal. The reservation must be made at least one day ahead of the trip's departure date. In this case, the client must immediately pay the whole cost of the trip! Note that last-minute bookings are not permitted. Cost may vary on last-minute booking, we have to arrange everything in a short amount where discounts are not available for the organization.

Date and Price

Yolo Hike has a Date and price section in every package if you are booking through our website. Make sure you agree to the date and price you booked for. We will not be responsible if you can’t attend the trek on the booked date.

The package cost is the price stated for any of the trips, and it includes all of the cost inclusions and limitations. The majority of your package pricing is determined by ground costs, flights, and currency exchange rates. We reserve the right to adjust your tour rates at any time up to and including the departure date without notification. Exchange currency variations, increasing fuel prices, flights, airport fees, seasonal pricing changes, and other factors could all contribute to the adjustments. Yolo Hike makes every effort to avoid raising trip prices (in whole or in part), however, price increases are sometimes unavoidable.

Cancellation policy

Once you've booked your trips with Yolo Hike, if you need to cancel them for any reason, you must do so in writing and have them acknowledged by the company. Based on the date the cancellation request is received by the company, Yolo Hike has the right to determine the appropriate cancellation charge.

If you have paid in full for a trip, you are entitled to a refund in the event that the trip is canceled. Any excursion undoing by a client should be recorded as a written copy to the organization and recognized. Yolo Hike ought to accept your solicitation. For this situation, the organization claims all authority to force specific appropriate charges on your excursion crossing out.

The abrogation charge is determined as a level of the absolute excursion cost as displayed on the website of Yolo Hike.

  • Excursion canceled 30 days (1 month) prior to the trip's departure date will provide a 95% refund
  • Cancellation of the trip 15 – 29 days (3 – 4 weeks) prior to the trip's departure date will provide a 60% refund
  • Cancellation of the trip between 07 and 14 days (2 weeks) before the travel date will provide a 25% refund
  • Cancellation of the trip seven days or less (less than a week) prior to the departure date will provide a 10% refund

If you accidentally pay money to our bank account or book a trip and want your money back, we can only send it to the same bank account from which we received the money. We will not be able to transmit to the other account that you requested.

Trip Postpone

If you need to postpone your trip to Nepal due to personal reasons, you will notify us by sending a written notice and selecting a new departure date, after which we will move all of your reservations to the new date. Please note that we will not charge you any additional fees for the postponed excursions unless the event is not changed for the new date.

Visa and Passport

Passengers must have passports that are valid for at least six months after their return date. Your Nepalese visa can be obtained upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport or at a Nepalese embassy or consulate in your country. Obtaining a Nepalese visa would be your alone responsibility. Please see our Nepal Visa section for additional information.

Note: Residents of Nigeria, Ghana, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Cameroon, Swaziland, Iraq, Ethiopia, Liberia, and Palestine won't be able to obtain a visa at the Nepalese entry point.

Travel Insurance

All clients participating in any activity must have travel insurance. Personal injury, death, hospital expenditures, repatriation fees, helicopter rescue, and any other disease covered by the insurance plan will be given. Yolo Hike Treks strongly advises you to purchase a travel insurance package from a reputable company in your state, city, or country.

Risk and Responsibility

Yolo Hike's success is based on providing exceptional services while carrying out our responsibilities honestly. We are committed to making your vacations enjoyable and unforgettable with a funny annoying team. However, we are not responsible for modifications in the itinerary caused by unavoidable circumstances beyond our control, such as government restrictions, soil erosion, floods, avalanches, roadblocks, strikes, weather problems, mechanical issues, illness, and other factors. We are not responsible for the loss of your possessions, injuries, or death caused by those inevitable natural occurrences.

COVID 19 Privacy Policy!!!

If due to COVID-19, you are unable to travel on the scheduled dates, you may postpone your trip to a later date that appears safe and suitable for you to travel again. You can travel anytime you wish and on any dates that are convenient for you. We're here to help.