Off the Beaten Trails

Off the beaten trekking trails are the route to walk on for untainted enchanting Nepal. Regular trekking trails of Nepal are equally mesmerizing but off-the-beaten routes endow serenity and tranquility. There are a plethora of alluring places which are still not in the mainstream trekking industry. These places are worth traveling to. Nepal’s famous trekking trails are often crowded especially on Annapurna and Everest region trips. For some trekkers tranquility during their walking trip is the highest priority. It gives immense chance for travelers to be near nature. It is the core theme of Nepal Trekking.

Yolo Hike has a theme of accommodating every style of traveling and every sort of client. Therefore, our travel planners have knitted some unique trekking packages. We have covered most of the unchartered and untainted destinations.