Trekking and Hiking is unique and momentous. Nowhere in the world you will find the trekking trail along the foothill of mountains, village, forests and glacial river. The nature has blessed Nepal with plethora of attractions which make the country ideal for trekking.

Generally trekking refers to hill walking or simply tramping. Trekking and Hiking is completely different as well as fulfilling. The definition of trekking changes once trekkers trek on the trails of Nepal.

Trekking in Nepal is multidimensional. Usually, lots of trekking routes across the globe provides one dimensional attraction. However, Nepalese trekking trails offer different types of experience in one single trip.

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Major Trekking Regions of Nepal

Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Manaslu are the major trekking destinations of Nepal. These regions have numerous trekking trails which trekkers can find captivating. The highlight of Trekking and Hiking is definitely the Himalayan Wilderness.

The presence of over 19000 snowcapped mountains makes Nepal a paradise for Himalayan hiking. Notably the Everest Base Camp Trek, Kanchenjunga Round Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek offers chance to leave your footprints at the base camp of world’s top ten tallest mountain.

Additional Attractions besides Mountains

There are numerous things to experience and relish besides mountains during Trekking and Hiking. UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES, diverse vegetation, landscape and multiethnic villages are major additional components.

For example, during Everest Base Camp Trek trekkers enter the world’s highest situated park and Sherpa Community. There are numerous examples which proves that trekking in Nepal is purely fulfilling. Your every penny spent for the trip will get returned with interests in the form of momentous tale.

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