Bouddhist Gumpa Day Tour in Kathmandu

Buddhist Gumba day tour

  • Duration: 1 Days
  • Diffculty Level: Easy 
  • Destination: Nepal
  • Best Time: all season
  • Activity: tour
  • Max. Altitude: 1350 m


  • Explore the ancient Gumba's in Kathmandu
  • Know the lifestyle of monks
  • Amazing view of Kathmandu valley from Kapan Monastery
  • Explore the Buddhist culture in depth
  • Private guide and vehicle


Shyambhunath is the holiest Buddhist stupa located 3km west of Kathmandu. Resting at the top of the hill Shyambhu is a fantastic place to visit. Shyambhunath also called as "Monkey Temple" is a religious place for Buddhists as well as Hindus. It is the ancient stupa in Kathmandu listed as a world heritage site in 1979. From the top of the Shyambhu, we can see a fantastic view of the whole of Kathmandu. We can worship in Shyambhu and enjoy a peaceful moment in Stupa. There are several monkeys around Shayambhunath. Once Manjushree came to rest in Shyambhu and he grow his hair. Then the lice in his hair turned into monkeys.


In the past, Kathmandu was wholly covered by water. And Shyambhu is self-made from a lotus flower in the middle of the lake. After that Manjushree came from Tibet to watch the flower. Then he cut the hill of Chobar and Shyambhu is visible to all the people. History tells us that Shyabhu is more than 2000 years old. The great-grandfather of king Manadeva founded Shyambhunath.

Boudhanath Stupa:

Boudhanath also known as "Boudha" is the spherical Gumbha in Nepal. Located in the northeast of Kathmandu it is a peaceful place to visit. Boudhanath was constructed after the death of Buddha in the 14th century. Bouddha is huge dom with a Buddhist pyramid on the top. Listed as a world heritage site in 1979, Bouddha is a spiritual and holy place to visit. We can enjoy the "kora" in Boudhanath by walking in a clockwise direction and turning the prayer wheels. During the festival of Lhosar, there will be huge celebrations and crowds. We can learn thanka painting in Boudhanath. Enjoying the meal on the top of the cafe with an amazing view of Boudha will be a memorable moment. Souvenirs and handicraft items are available on the streets. A famous drink "Tongba is also available in Boudha. Yoga in Boudha with a peaceful environment will be amazing.

Kopan Monastery:

Kopan Monastery located near Boudhanath is a member of FPMT. Kopan Monastery was founded in 1969 to produce better humans in this world. Kopan Monastery has a quiet peaceful environment. It gives various courses on Buddhism. Classes are available about meditation, a vegetarian diet, and a way to live a peaceful life. More than 380 monks and 360 nuns live in the monastery. We can see different thangkas, statues, and paintings. Exploring those items helps us to know about the culture and traditions. Visitors from all over the world come here to know about the Buddhist culture and enjoy meditation. Kopan monastery is open from 9 am - 5 pm only. We can take part in free morning meditations. Walking by rolling the prayer wheels will be an interesting moment. We can visit the library and pursue the books. Enjoying a cafe in a peaceful environment will make us relaxed.


  • Altitude1350 m
  • AccommodationN/A
  • MealsN/A

9:00 AM: Pick up from Hotel and Visit Swyambhunath Stupa.

11:00 AM: Drive to Kopan Monastery and Exploration of Kopan Monastery

1:00 PM: Drive to Bouddhanath Stupa and Explore around the Bouddhanath Stupa. 

3:00 PM: Drop you at the hotel

Pickup Time: 9:00 AM
Pickup Place: Hotels from Major places like Thamel, Lazimpat, Bouddha, Naxal, and Bhaktapur
Trip Duration: Approximately 4-5 Hours
Vehicle Provided: Car, Van, Bus based on group size
Entrance Fees: Included

Note: We can customize this tour as per your interest and the required time and places. 


  • Q1. Can I visit monks in Nepal?

    Yes, you can visit monks and also sit there. Before that, you have to book the available courses

  • Yes, you can visit the Buddhist temple in Nepal. You will be warmly welcomed by the monks living there. There might be some rules and regulations that you should know and follow.

  • Yes, you can stay in a monastery and observe the lifestyle of monks. Before that, you have to register or inform them

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