Partners with Yolo Hike

Travel does matter in human life! It affected me back in 2010 when I entered the tourism business in Nepal and now, I started my own adventure company named Yolo Hike. It is no more a means of livelihood for me. It is indeed the means to bring smile to the faces of people and helping them relieving the drabness of monotonous daily lives. Covid Pandemic proved the case that human beings need traveling and interaction with nature and people.

For a decade, I have been operating trekking and travel trips for the people across the globe. Me and my team’s mettle have propelled us to become one of the responsible travel agencies of Nepal. Today we are recognized experts in realizing the travel dreams of travelers. We help people to tick their travel bucket list with an impeccable hospitality and quality services while holidaying.

Yolo Hike is not an ordinary travel agency rather it is an emotion for me. Over the years I have assembled industry experts. The agency composes people with different expertise. Travel Planners, trekking guides, climbing guides, tour guides, anthropologists, and sociologists are assets of the company.

It is our privilege to share that we are partner trekking/travel agency for more than 14 different agencies across the globe.

Travel styles are different in Nepal. The nation can become host of different kinds of activities. Diverse touristic attractions and activities are the strengths of Nepal as a touristic destination. Major touristic activities that are popular in Nepal are trekking, peak climbing, private tours, adventure sports, cultural trips, volunteer trips, and rural trek/tours. The choice and trips depend upon the choices of the travelers.

We specialize in custom tours to Bhutan, Nepal, Mount Kailash, and Tibet. We built our company on the philosophy of creating relationships with our travelers so we can tailor-make every single trip to make sure it's memorable and stress-free. In addition to custom travel services, we also incorporate sustainability and conservation into our industry and look forward to being a part of your journey.

Please find the attachment of our trip prices. Please remember that all rates are confidential and is agency rate. Before you quote your price to your clients; make sure to tell us your quoted price so that we can work accordingly to provide services and hospitality as you have quoted!

Please review the price of all of our trips. I hope that you would like because most of our clients are okay with the offered prices. If you would like to make changes, we are open for negotiations. All we need is the clients’ satisfaction and WIN – WIN situation for both of us. Remember that we can customize the itinerary and cost of the trip as per the needs of the guests!