Tibet is a beautiful valley with lots of historical and cultural potential, standing 4380m above sea level is the best for touring and exploring Tibetan culture unlike any other, with its solitary peaks, Buddhist monasteries, and friendly people.

Tibet's spirituality and mysticism have been cultivated during centuries of solitude. Tibet was once only accessible after overcoming rough terrain and ferocious warrior monks, but now, despite its complicated political position, Tibet is open to visitors and Yolo Hike is one of the few that provides you an opportunity to visit Tibet.

Don’t miss the experience of euphoric Everest views while surrounded by smoke, incense, and the mumbling of the devoted in infinite temples and monasteries. Cross high-altitude mountains, wind your way over towering peaks past plodding yaks and learn about current Tibetan culture, which is a mix of pilgrims, monasteries and monuments, pop music, monks in a dune-colored texture base.

Traveling to Tibet is a great and favorite monastery for most travelers located on the cliffside of a mountain with a view of the valley below, and it's quite calm and tranquil. You can also bring your own food and have a picnic in the valley during your acclimatization, exactly like the Tibetans do.